Wight Shipyard Co. largest export order of four vessels

SEC-Marine are proud to have again been selected as the Wight Shipyards, Electrical & Electronic System Designer, Integrator and Installation team.

Designing, outfitting & then Commissioning a series of four vessels simultaneously, has been one our greatest challenges… and successes, the teams work ethic is beyond amazing, the installation quality across all trades is without doubt world class, and it has been a genuine pleasure for SEC-Marine to be a significant part of that fantastic team.

These vessels have been designed with a common Electrical/Electronic architecture for ease of operation and maintenance, the ferries electrical system follows our ‘DC Boat’ Philosophy, where all essential services are DC Supplied or Engine belt/PTO powered, this frees up the diesel generators for non-essential services only. The main engine alternators feed the main and emergency DC buses, alongside the generator powered static battery inverter/chargers, make for a system of unparalleled redundancy. 

These vessels have our in house designed and built AC & DC switchboards with our integrated IMACS  System (Integrated Machinery Alarms & Control System).  Compared to previous projects the IMACS system is relatively simple, with just one PLC i/o cabinet and a single marine PC with touch screen display and custom GUI, developed in consultation with the client.  The components are dual redundant networked, with dual monitored power supplies, all of our designs have been approved, installation inspected, and functions witnessed by Lloyd Register, who are also undertaking Flag Inspections as delegated by Transport for Malta.

cm fleet 2

Final sea trials are underway despite the recent foul weather, note the IMACS home page on the centre display.


Internal Shot of the IMACS i/o Cabinet.




Posted March 6th, 2020 in News.

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