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Our first Non Marine EV Project

To further broaden teams skills we have decided to make a start on our first non marine, EV project, and for the vehicle we have chosen a super cute classic a ’72 Mini Moke.
We will be installing the latest and most efficient type of ‘Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor’, as used in the Tesla Model 3, and plan to use Tesla Batteries in a custom fabricated waterproof battery box with water cooling.
Once the Car is Complete and functioning we will strip it down and then do a complete restoration and respray etc, the car is a dry stored Australian import and rot free, so the restoration should be cosmetic only.

….Updates to follow as the project progresses.

Our Battery Modules from a Tesla Model X. 30 of 75KW will be used

Wight Shipyard Co. largest export order of four vessels

SEC-Marine are proud to have again been selected as the Wight Shipyards, Electrical & Electronic System Designer, Integrator and Installation team.

Designing, outfitting & then Commissioning a series of four vessels simultaneously, has been one our greatest challenges… and successes, the teams work ethic is beyond amazing, the installation quality across all trades is without doubt world class, and it has been a genuine pleasure for SEC-Marine to be a significant part of that fantastic team.

These vessels have been designed with a common Electrical/Electronic architecture for ease of operation and maintenance, the ferries electrical system follows our ‘DC Boat’ Philosophy, where all essential services are DC Supplied or Engine belt/PTO powered, this frees up the diesel generators for non-essential services only. The main engine alternators feed the main and emergency DC buses, alongside the generator powered static battery inverter/chargers, make for a system of unparalleled redundancy. 

These vessels have our in house designed and built AC & DC switchboards with our integrated IMACS  System (Integrated Machinery Alarms & Control System).  Compared to previous projects the IMACS system is relatively simple, with just one PLC i/o cabinet and a single marine PC with touch screen display and custom GUI, developed in consultation with the client.  The components are dual redundant networked, with dual monitored power supplies, all of our designs have been approved, installation inspected, and functions witnessed by Lloyd Register, who are also undertaking Flag Inspections as delegated by Transport for Malta.

cm fleet 2

Final sea trials are underway despite the recent foul weather, note the IMACS home page on the centre display.


Internal Shot of the IMACS i/o Cabinet.


Hybrid, ‘Surface Effect Ship’, Crew Transfer Vessel

On behalf of the Wight Shipyard Co. we are very pleased to be heading up the Electrical design & Integration on this Cutting Edge Vessel.





4 new Ferries for Captain Morgan Cruises by the Wight Shipyard Co

We are Currently in the final Stages of a 2x 20M and 2x 33M boat build sequence, by the Wight Shipyard Co. for Captain Morgan Cruises in Malta.

These Vessels have been built to the very highest quality by the Wight Shipyard team….on time and on budget as usual.

Its our genuine Pleasure to work alongside such a fine team, producing such fine Vessels.

Contact the WSC team for all your Ship and Boat Building needs:

New Red Jet ferry to be built by Shemara refit LLP on the Isle of Wight.

SEC-Marine Ltd. are pleased to announce that they will be partnering with Shemara Refit LLP. for the Electrical and Electronic Design & installation of the New Red Jet 6.


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courtesy of uknip

courtesy of uknip

New £6m Red Jet Ferry To Create Isle Of Wight Jobs


After receiving tenders from shipyards around the world, Red Funnel have placed an order for a 40m high-speed catamaran with Shemara Refit LLP for delivery in summer 2016.

For more information on the Red Jet Six please see here


Shemara – Installation Phase and Hardware Selection

20140616shemara668 (2)

In order to maintain maximum stability, Shemara has been built with a semi-lightweight outfit, thereby enabling the weight saved in the outfit to be used as ballast in the optimum locations for increased stability, in the Electrical outfit this  has realised itself by the use of Aluminium Cable trays, and lightweight marine cable alongside careful selection of other outfit materials, and the  allocation of weight budgets to suppliers of Auxiliary systems.

ext lights

Lighting throughout is a mixture of LED lighting where possible but complimented by designer pieces with incandescent lamps to maximise the aesthetic value, Crew and guest area lighting is controlled with stand-alone dimming accessories, but the Owners & exterior spaces equipped with Lutron control systems to enable individual control of circuits or ‘scene’ settings.  Regardless of the location all user interface is by the same simple polished brass push button switches that match the rest of the electrical accessories and match the general aesthetic.    eddison lamp

The vessels machinery alarm and control system (ACON) is the latest offering from Rolls Royce Marine, and communicates with it numerous outstations or I/O units via Fibre optic Ethernet, with a Cat6a back-up, the vessel is equipped with seven touch screen PC’s each offering control and monitoring of the vessels system via a carefully designed custom Graphical User Interface (GUI), the system can accept digital inputs in the form of volt-free contacts from relays, micro-switches and low voltage inputs from Proximity devices etc, and analogue inputs for temperature, pressure, flow, and Electrical parameter monitoring by PT100, 4-20mA, 0-10V and so on, the system also communicates with third party equipment e.g diesel generators, power managements systems, fire detection and navigation light control, via standard serial data protocols- Modbus, NMEA, RS422/485 etc.

Shemara is equipped with a future proofed fibre optic backboned, decentralised Cisco IT system, with a ship-wide Wi-Fi coverage, alongside a hardwired Cat6a network for IP telephony, and RJ45 Data outlets in office and work spaces.  The options for Internet connectivity are hard wired shore connection, Wi-Fi (using a yachtspot), VSAT or 4G and are selected and controlled by a Kerio access controller.


A full suite of Furuno Nav Comms equipment is discretely installed to comply with all GMDSS regulations for operation in sea Area A3 (unlimited exc polar regions), Shemara is the first UK Super Yacht to be equipped with Furuno’s new ECDIS System, we have a fully dual redundant system therefore Shemara has no requirement to carry paper charts, to compliment the ECDIS System we have a horizontal 40” touch screen display for passage planning, that forms the chart table.


In order that retain the vessel classic profile the Funnel Façade houses the Emergency Generator with 50” Sat TV and VSAT domes over mounted.


 The Installation process has been an absolute joy, and we have been incredibly lucky to have assembled such a fantastic team of highly skilled and motivated Electrical engineers, we peaked at nearly 40 staff, and have carefully installed 95KM of cable, and installed and terminated all of the electrical systems hardware.


Next Installment….Commissioning, Set to work… and delivery !




M.Y Shemara – First Installment of our report

SEC-Marine are extremely pleased to be able to announce our involvement in the historically significant 1938, 65M Classic Motor Yacht M.Y Shemara, refit project.

MY Shemara 3

It has been a genuine pleasure to be involved with this fantastic project from its inception, since its arrival in Portchester early in 2011.  Our Technical Director has been a key member of the small but tight-knit Project Team of highly skilled Engineers, Designers & Managers.

SEC-Marine have been Shemara’s sole supplier of Electrical and Electronic systems consultancy throughout.  We have specified all the purely Electrical/Electronic Systems, and advised the Project Team on the specification of the Electro-Mechanical Systems.

Upon the completion of the project’s systems specification, load balances and preliminary AC/DC single line diagrams, we embarked on the detail design phase, liaising with the major systems suppliers to gather all the required outside guidance, whilst ensuring the required system interfaces were in place to fully realise the potential functionality and remaining compliant with Classification society and flag state regulations (DNV and UK MCA respectively).

The Interior outfit is of the highest super yacht quality, but is classically understated and as such the technology is to be heard (or felt), but not seen- an incredible challenge for our multi skilled design team.

Wheel House - Looking Fwd (2)The Classic Yacht aesthetic has been retained inside and out, but beneath the skin is a modern high tech Super yacht, and at the heart of this is an adaptable and economical Diesel-Electric propulsion system, with 1.5 Mega Watt of power available to the two 650KW Rolls Royce Azimuth propulsion thrusters, and this alongside the Rolls Royce variable pitch bow thruster make for an extremely maneuverable vessel that belies her Imposing presence.

Stability is ensured by fully retractable active-fin Stabilisers, Station keeping is by a fully integrated Dynamic Positioning System, a significant system upgrade to the regular super yacht outfit, but one that perfectly ties together the enhanced functionally of the propulsion system.

Check out the next installment, for details on the Installation phase.

All MY Shemara pictures courtesy of Design unlimited.

Motor Yacht Shemara

We have been authorised by our Client, to make statement on our involvement as the sole suppliers of Electrical and Electronics Consultancy, design and Project Management to the prestigious Motor Yacht ‘Shemara’ Refit Project.

We have been engaged on the Shemara project from its conception but as usual Strict Confidentiality has applied.

Watch this space for further details

Motor Yacht Kara

SEC-Marine are undertaking a refit of a very pretty 65′ Motor Yacht ‘Kara’ at Saxon Wharf of Southampton, with some minor water damage.


For client peace of we have completed a survey of the electrical system, and are undertaking some significant upgrade works, including the addition of a 3 KW Victron inverter system, and the upgrade of the Lighting systems to LED throughout.

News Update….

Kara can been seen in her new Glory on her very own web site, check out out here:

ahead Cara Saloon

New contract Motor Yacht Koi

SEC-Marine have recently won a contract to design and install a robust power management system on board a Beautiful 30M explorer yacht currently based in Imperia Italy, the vessel has a basic split bus power distribution system, and historic phase imbalance problems. Our custom system, monitors the problem boards for phase imbalance, and over current, and any reports any level above the adjustable limit to a custom indicator panel with audible alarm, and from here we have the option to set preferential trips as required, we will also be installing phase rotation indication at the shore connection position.