Our first Non Marine EV Project

To further broaden teams skills we have decided to make a start on our first non marine, EV project, and for the vehicle we have chosen a super cute classic a ’72 Mini Moke.
We will be installing the latest and most efficient type of ‘Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor’, as used in the Tesla Model 3, and plan to use Tesla Batteries in a custom fabricated waterproof battery box with water cooling.
Once the Car is Complete and functioning we will strip it down and then do a complete restoration and respray etc, the car is a dry stored Australian import and rot free, so the restoration should be cosmetic only.

….Updates to follow as the project progresses.

Our Battery Modules from a Tesla Model X. 30 of 75KW will be used
Posted March 8th, 2020 in News.

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