Shemara – Installation Phase and Hardware Selection

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In order to maintain maximum stability, Shemara has been built with a semi-lightweight outfit, thereby enabling the weight saved in the outfit to be used as ballast in the optimum locations for increased stability, in the Electrical outfit this  has realised itself by the use of Aluminium Cable trays, and lightweight marine cable alongside careful selection of other outfit materials, and the  allocation of weight budgets to suppliers of Auxiliary systems.

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Lighting throughout is a mixture of LED lighting where possible but complimented by designer pieces with incandescent lamps to maximise the aesthetic value, Crew and guest area lighting is controlled with stand-alone dimming accessories, but the Owners & exterior spaces equipped with Lutron control systems to enable individual control of circuits or ‘scene’ settings.  Regardless of the location all user interface is by the same simple polished brass push button switches that match the rest of the electrical accessories and match the general aesthetic.    eddison lamp

The vessels machinery alarm and control system (ACON) is the latest offering from Rolls Royce Marine, and communicates with it numerous outstations or I/O units via Fibre optic Ethernet, with a Cat6a back-up, the vessel is equipped with seven touch screen PC’s each offering control and monitoring of the vessels system via a carefully designed custom Graphical User Interface (GUI), the system can accept digital inputs in the form of volt-free contacts from relays, micro-switches and low voltage inputs from Proximity devices etc, and analogue inputs for temperature, pressure, flow, and Electrical parameter monitoring by PT100, 4-20mA, 0-10V and so on, the system also communicates with third party equipment e.g diesel generators, power managements systems, fire detection and navigation light control, via standard serial data protocols- Modbus, NMEA, RS422/485 etc.

Shemara is equipped with a future proofed fibre optic backboned, decentralised Cisco IT system, with a ship-wide Wi-Fi coverage, alongside a hardwired Cat6a network for IP telephony, and RJ45 Data outlets in office and work spaces.  The options for Internet connectivity are hard wired shore connection, Wi-Fi (using a yachtspot), VSAT or 4G and are selected and controlled by a Kerio access controller.


A full suite of Furuno Nav Comms equipment is discretely installed to comply with all GMDSS regulations for operation in sea Area A3 (unlimited exc polar regions), Shemara is the first UK Super Yacht to be equipped with Furuno’s new ECDIS System, we have a fully dual redundant system therefore Shemara has no requirement to carry paper charts, to compliment the ECDIS System we have a horizontal 40” touch screen display for passage planning, that forms the chart table.


In order that retain the vessel classic profile the Funnel Façade houses the Emergency Generator with 50” Sat TV and VSAT domes over mounted.


 The Installation process has been an absolute joy, and we have been incredibly lucky to have assembled such a fantastic team of highly skilled and motivated Electrical engineers, we peaked at nearly 40 staff, and have carefully installed 95KM of cable, and installed and terminated all of the electrical systems hardware.


Next Installment….Commissioning, Set to work… and delivery !




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